For standard stock orders, we strive to have these dispatched within 48 hours of your order being placed and paid for. While you wait we’ll send you information on how you can prep for your new umbrella.

Yes, you may change your delivery address (assuming your order has not been delivered). We recommend calling us immediately upon realising that the address may be wrong with your order. If your order is already in transit, there may be additional freight charges incurred. Please contact your shade specialist directly for help.

When your order is confirmed with your Shadowspec consultant, it will move through our order system and to the warehouse dispatch to be processed and pick your order.

When your order is paid for, you will receive an email from our accounts team with your invoice and packing slip. This packing slip will show you all the items you are to receive. When the package/s are delivered, ensure you check the contents and tick off the items on your packing slip.

You’re unable to use normal payment options because your bank doesn’t support such options. You’re instead defaulted to using priority payments. Some international payments require a SWIFT code in order for the money to be transferred. Please keep in mind that there’s a fee in processing your payment.

Keep in mind that it takes about 7-10 days to receive payments after it’s been awarded, and there must be a valid tax form on file as well as a payout method selected.

These banks may apply fees that they will deduct from the original amount and it will reflect once the payment reaches your account.

A return policy is a document that describes, in detail, your business’s process and requirements for accepting returns. It also covers what customers should expect, and how they should go about initiating a return.

It’s one thing to accept a return if the customer is immediately unhappy with a product or the product is defective. It’s quite different to accept a return if a product has been used, broken or devalued in any way by the buyer.

Return policies don’t just need to include the details — they must also present them in a clear, concise manner that helps prevent misunderstandings. Your return policy should cover every detail without becoming overly technical.